Malaysian Fire FIghting

Maintenance and Services

Being in the industry for more than 20 years, we provide one-stop service from consultation to installation. Our Malaysia firefighting maintenance and services include

  • Fire Protection System Servicing and Maintenance
  • Fire Protection rectification works
  • Upgrading works Fire Protection Installation
  • Servicing, Refilling, and Bomba Certificate Application for fire extinguisher type:
    • ABC Type
    • CO2 Type
    • FOAM Type
  • We do Servicing and refilling for the below
    • Fixed CO2
    • FM 200
    • Hi Fog Water Extinguisher Gas
  • Arrangement, application and inspection of “Surat Sokongan Bomba” for Business License
  • Arrangement, application and inspection of “Fire Certificates” with Jabatan Bomba
  • Arrangement and inspection for “Completion Certificates” with Client Insurance Company
  • Drawings application and Submission for endorsement of Bomba M&E plan