Key Personnel

Our Trained Professionals

We believe that our success lies in the commitment of all our staff and in the dedication of our supervisors and manager. We recruit qualified, capable and well-presented staff and ensure that they receive the best possible training. We work in partnership with our staff, supporting them to deliver their best and treating them with respect at all times. Our turnover rate is an industry-beating low. We ensure that application to duties is matched by a professional appearance, strong communications skills and by an understanding of the importance not just of security but also of Customer service.

It was a time when the ‘Fire Protection’ business was in its early stages. Fire Safety was not given its due respect. Only a small number of companies understood the importance and did spend money on having adequate Fire Protection Equipment and Systems in compliance with ‘BOMBA’ regulations. The Authorities were also not so stringent in enforcing the law. There was no special License required to do this business at that time as well.

Under the circumstance, the trade did not grow sufficiently. Thus, there were only a limited number of well-organized so called ‘Fire Contractors ’. These companies had a bumming business. It was at this time that Ramlal decided to venture into the business.

Just a few years later ‘BOMBA’ began to strictly enforce the system of ‘Fire Certificate ‘for every commercial building. Their timing was right. They found the business to be a money spinning entity. Unfortunately, like all good things have to come to an end, so did their partnership. This gave rise to the setting up of ‘Ever Proline Fire Protection Sdn. Bhd.