It’s all about safety

fire hazard and protection

Was established in 2017. Our customers are assured of the best from Fire Contractor and previously handling many of the construction projects specializing in all aspects of installation of Fire Protection Equipment’s and Maintenance, Delivery, Installation and Services.

To date, our company is well known and recognized as one of the reputable company specialized in Servicing of Full Range Fire Protection. The innovation of Management and the strength of teamwork enhance the company moving forward to upgrade to international standard.

Fire Protection Services

Keeping buildings a safer place

Our Aim

  • Our Main aim is to provide Fire Protection Services to as many as possible to keep buildings a safer place.
  • We make it our business to maintain a standard quality at all times. Work with efficiency, cut down wastage of materials and loss of man-hours in order to offer competitive rates and price.
  • We strive hard to meet the expectations of our clients: keeping in line with ‘BOMBA’ regulations.
  • We practice good Business Ethics to succeed in Business: even when faced with stiff competition.

Quality Policy

  • Ensure that safety is a line management responsibility.
  • Monitor effectiveness of safety policy.
  • To implement high standards of services in the field of fire detection and fire protection systems.
  • To attain high level of customer satisfaction through the quality products and services offered by the company.
  • Conduct a regular internal quality audit and management review for an on-going evaluation and improvement of our quality system.
  • To implement acts of professionalism in the work environment, whether at the office or at the site and ensure that the quality procedures are well communicated among the company employees.
Trained Personnel